We do everything that is related to performance marketing. Be it Social media marketing, mobile installs, Video views and more. Looking for Sales, Leads, Registrations for your website? We will help you achieve your goals.


Partnerships are a solid foundation for an ecosystem that lets you connect with consumers and users at every stage of their journey, from searching to purchasing. Partner marketing is all about knowing your audience and offering the best service while working together and bringing in the best of each partner’s expertise.

Showcase the soul of your brand with results-driven content marketing

A powerful content strategy unites your brand story, thought leadership and SEO efforts to communicate a purposeful message that wins the hearts of your target audience.

Craft a cohesive content strategy that drives results with ColinTech’s content marketing services.

Stop followers mid-scroll with an unforgettable social media presence

Figuring out where and how to make the most impact on social media can feel like a moving target. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok. Where do you even start?

You need a marketing team that knows how to capitalize on platform trends and highlight your brand’s unique personality on the right channels.


Craft compelling video content that hooks viewers from start to finish

Video content is the fastest growing medium in digital marketing today.

Now more than ever, customers turn to concise and engaging visual content to decide whether a product is worth buying. Incorporating video into your growth strategy is not only a nice-to-have but a necessity in the modern world.

Customized Social Media Services Based on Your Brand’s Unique Needs

User Reviews

ColinTech took the time to learn about our company, applied their insights from various design projects and sought to meet our needs, even if it meant going through some additional edits.

Marc Vitulli

Marc Vitulli

Thanks to ColinTech, we’ve really elevated ourselves. We’ve changed marketing in the industry by acting as more of a marketing agency for our brands, and streamlining that into really robust marketing campaigns that move the needle.

Myriam Malinge

Myriam Malinge

ColinTech has not only elevated our brand through design and strategy but also brought efficiency and scale to our process

Amir Jaffari

Amir Jaffari

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